Join us as we Move, Learn, and Discover on June 23rd

Courtesy of the SNOW Sports Museum Left to Right: Jeff Hamilton, Starr Walton Hurley, Travis Ganong, Osvaldo Ancinas, Anna Sullivan, Bill Hudson

Do you know why June 23rd is a significant day in Olympic history? It’s because that is the day on which the first ever modern-day Olympic Games took place in 1894. Now, every year on June 23rd, hundreds of thousands of people across the world participate in organized runs and cultural events to celebrate Olympic Day.

The first official Olympic Day was on June 23, 1948. Participating European, Latin American, and Northern American nations organized events in their respective countries. This global event has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. What started as just 45 involved National Olympic Committees (NOCs) now includes 205 international NOCs that honor Olympic Day, together helping spread Olympic enthusiasm, camaraderie, and ideals to every corner of the world.

Every year, National Olympic Committees organize sporting, cultural, and educational events based on the three Olympic pillars of move, learn, and discover. “Move” encourages people to participate in all types of physical activity for every age and ability. “Learn” is about educating each other about the Olympic values of excellence, respect, and friendship. “Discover” is all about people safely getting out of their comfort zones to try new activities.

Join us in celebration of our rich history here in Olympic Valley, Olympic past, and follow the Olympic torch relay in the lead up to the Olympic Games, set to begin on July 23rd!

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