How To Pack For Your Ski Trip

Getting ready to hit the powdery slopes? You are surely in for a treat. Whether you are planning on riding down the mountain on a snowboard or skis, the thrill of gliding on the snow is a unique experience unlike any other outdoor activity.

One of the privileges of winter sports like snowboarding and skiing is that you do it in a natural, peaceful, scenic setting. For some, this is one of the things that make the thrill even more special. If you are an avid skier, you probably have many reasons why you love it so much and a full checklist of items to pack. For the novices – the ones who are not even sure what to pack for their ski trip – here are some suggestions.

First, if you are just getting started on snowboarding or skiing, chances are you do not own much equipment. Maybe you own a snow jacket and some snow pants, but the whole package of boots, goggles and skis or a snowboard is something you may not purchased yet. This is fine, because equipment can very easily be rented, either at the site of your ski trip, or before you leave.

If you are deciding whether to buy or rent your snow equipment, here are a few ground rules. If you are planning a trip for a child, it is a better idea to rent, because children grow fast and will quickly outgrow their equipment.

Even if you are an adult, the decision whether to rent or buy snow equipment is a tricky one. Some who only go on one trip a year decide to invest in snow equipment because even if you only rent snow equipment a few times, it turns out to cost as much as buying it and being able to use it whenever you want. However, it is important to note, snow equipment is not cheap.

For something like boots, it is recommended that you purchase your own. Even though people rent boots all the time, it is important to have comfortable feet and a good fit, and it could also prevent foot injuries down the road – or mountain. Goggles can easily be rented, but are also more affordable than most snow equipment and worth the investment.

Another thing to invest in is a snow jacket and snow pants. It is important to know what your threshold for cold weather is going into your trip. If you are someone who easily gets cold, you have to pack pants and a jacket that will keep you warm, but not so warm that you end up sweating. Another option you have is to wear long underwear underneath, as another protective layer.

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