Full Moon Snowshoe Hikes In Lake Tahoe

woman snowshoeing under a full moon

Spring is finally upon the Lake Tahoe area and the season is ripe for fun outdoor adventures. As the weather starts to warm, our snowbound activities can expand beyond just skiing at the resorts. If you are visiting the mountains this spring and looking for a unique excursion like no other, let this blog be your guide to one of our favorite seasonal activities – full moon snowshoe hikes in Lake Tahoe!

What Is Snowshoeing?

If you’re unfamiliar, snowshoes are footwear accessories that aid in walking over the snow. Typically made of lightweight materials, they evenly distribute your weight across a flat platform that helps you from sinking deep into the snow as you walk. They are attached to your boots through adjustable straps and belts and allow for free movement of your heel, making their use just as easy as going for a typical walk!

During the spring months, the Tahoe snowpack transitions from deep powdery snow into a more firm and slushy consistency. In simpler terms, the snow goes through a daily melting and freezing cycle as the sun softens the snow during the day and the cooler temperatures refreeze it solid at night. This allows you to cover much longer distances when going snowshoeing at night, and allows you to access some of Tahoe’s best scenic hikes even while they are covered in snow!

persons legs with snowshoes

Excitement Awaits: Full Moon Snowshoe Excursions In Lake Tahoe

Did you know you can snowshoe at night under a beautiful full moon? Full moon snowshoe excursions are one of our absolute favorite ways to adventure in Tahoe.

This unique adventure is often the highlight of anyone’s vacation, and often leaves them with a must-try hobby when planning their visit. Take it from us, you will be absolutely amazed at the sheer beauty and elegance of the mountain landscapes as the moonlight glistens off the snowy surface.

What Gear Do I Need For a Full Moon Snowshoe Hike In Lake Tahoe?

Typical snowshoe equipment involves a pair of snowshoes, adjustable trekking poles, a headlamp, snacks and water, and warm layers for traveling at night. Keep in mind, temperatures can vary during the evening hours, and it’s best to pack a backpack with one or two extra layers in case it’s colder than you expected!

One of the benefits to staying at our resort is the option to rent snowshoes free of cost! Just be sure to check ahead of time if rentals are available when you wish to hike.

Planning Your Full Moon Snowshoe Hike in Lake Tahoe

Anytime you venture into the snow, it’s key to be prepared! Be sure to read the weather forecast and avoid planning your hike if snow, rain, or chilly winds are expected. As always, be sure to plan your route ahead of time, and always make sure someone knows where you are headed.

When choosing where to snowshoe, we recommend planning your hike in large open meadows or fields. This offers the best chances to experience the beautiful illumination of the moon off of the snow. It also is much easier to navigate and you won’t have to worry about climbing up steep hills. A word of caution, alpine meadows are often home to creeks and streams, so be sure to pay close attention as you hike.

Did you know you can even book a full moon snowshoe tour with a guide? We highly recommend this option if hiking somewhere new, as you will get the added benefit of having an expert show you the ropes on this once in a lifetime excursion. If you’re looking to book a guided full moon snowshoe hike, we recommend our friends over at Snowshoe Tahoe, who offer a great beginner friendly snowshoe tour under the stars!

Lake Tahoe Adventures Await!

Full moon snowshoe adventures are one of our favorite ways to experience the best scenic hikes Lake Tahoe has to offer! From the glistening beauty of the moonlight off the snow, to the quiet tranquility of nature after dark, experience for yourself why full moon snowshoeing is not to be missed on your next visit to Lake Tahoe!


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