Learn To Fly Fish In Tahoe

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This fall season there’s no better way to experience the majestic natural beauty of Tahoe than by trying out a new outdoor activity. For many, fly fishing remains an alluring but often seldom experienced way to get outside.

Fortunately, Tahoe is home to a number of great fly fishing schools and guide services that make it approachable and affordable for everyone. Keep reading below to learn all about fly fishing in Tahoe!

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a different type of fishing than traditional methods that incorporates a variety of new tools and techniques to help you catch fish. From specialized fly rods and fly lines, the main objective of the sport is to imitate the common insects and bugs that fish eat. One main benefit of learning to fly fish is that you can often use the techniques to fish in more dynamic and challenging bodies of water than you could with traditional fishing methods. Many find that fly fishing is a more active and engaging form of fishing, and often people enjoy the challenge and opportunity to learn how to perfectly mimic a fish’s food source. It’s a truly rewarding experience and often leaves those who learn the basics with a deep passion for their new found hobby!

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Where Do People Fly Fish?

With the right tools and training, you can fly fish anywhere you would normally fish. From streams to rivers, lakes, ponds, and even in the ocean, fly fishing is a fun activity for the whole family. 

In Tahoe , fly fishing is typically done in the rivers, streams, and high alpine lakes found throughout the area. While not impossible, fly fishing is not typically done in Lake Tahoe itself due to the depth the fish normally inhabit in the lake.

There are a number of great outfitters in the North Tahoe area that are excellent resources for acquiring the gear that will ensure you have a great day on the water.


Trout Creek Outfitters

Mountain Hardware and Sports

Incline Village:

Mountain Hardware and Sports Incline

Salmon fly fishing equipment

Where Do I Start?

As with any new sport, it can be helpful to have experienced and knowledgeable guides show you the ropes. Fortunately, both Truckee and North Lake Tahoe are home to a number of great guide services who can help you get started. From first timer clinics to day-long beginners courses, these services can be instrumental in getting you hooked on a new lifelong passion! For those who already have some experience, hiring a local guide for a day can be a great way to get out and learn the tricks of the local waterways. Keep reading below for a list of local guides and schools close to our resort!

Matt Heron Fly Fishing

Four Seasons Fly Fishing

Gilligan’s Guide Service

Current Fly Fishing

See You On The Water

The fall season is one of the best times to get out on the water in the Tahoe Truckee area! With gentler flowing streams and rivers, rich fall colors, and cooler daytime temperatures, this is an incredible time to experience a new activity in the great outdoors. Book your Tahoe stay today and we’ll see you on the water!


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